"What Parents Are Saying"

  • “I am amazed at what your school has done for [my daughter]. She has improved in all areas; education, faith, behavior, respect, love and patience. “
    -- Pre-K father
  • “As a mother, it really puts your heart at ease knowing you are placing your child in the care of others that honestly enjoy and love children.”  
    -- Pre-K parent
  • "...I can't thank you enough! (Daughter's name) has turned into the nicest child. She is getting straight A's and has been an honor student all through elementary school. And we have you to thank for it..."  
    -- Parent of a 6th grader
  • “…you have enriched my life and knowledge with your kindness and generosity. Please continue to let your light shine on everyone…” 
    -- Grandparent
  • “I'm blessed to have my child in such a loving, caring, God fearing environment. Sunny Days we love you.” 

  • --Pre-school parent
  • “I feel that Sunny Days is Christ centered and that makes a difference in our kids.”
    –- Toddler & Pre-K parent
  • “SDCP provides [daughter's name] with a quality educational experience in a Christian environment. It is a privilege to interact with a professional and caring staff.” 
    -- Pre-K parent
  • “I like Sunny Days because it is [son's name] favorite place to be. He just loves it here.” 
    -- Pre-K parent
  • “…your hard work…dedication and love to serve our little ones is much appreciated. We are better and blessed for knowing all of you.” 

  • -- Pre-school parent
“I can't tell you how much you mean to our family! We have been so blessed with Sunny Days.” 
-- Graduation parent after 3 years at SDCP


“…CHRIST is the reason for this school. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes. He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students.”

-- Plaque presented to Sunny Days by graduating parents .